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TMD (Transportation Management District)

North Bethesda Transportation Management District (TMD)

The North Bethesda Transportation Management District is one of six TMDs in Montgomery County. The five others are Friendship Heights, Silver Spring, Bethesda, Greater Shady Grove and the newest, White Oak. The North Bethesda TMD is operated under the name “North Bethesda Transportation Center” (NBTC).

North Bethesda Transportation Center Service Area

North Bethesda Transit Management District MapThe North Bethesda Transportation Center provides free services to employers, employees, residents and visitors in Grosvenor, White Flint, Twinbrook, Executive Boulevard, and Rock Spring Park.

North Bethesda Traffic Mitigation Plan (TMP) Assistance for Employers

Employers in North Bethesda are encouraged to contact the North Bethesda TMD office to obtain assistance with their Traffic Mitigation Plan (TMP). Under County legislation, these “TMPs” are required of employers of 25 or more employees in TMDs, to assist with achieving the congestion reduction objectives for the area. With these plans, employers can ensure their employees are aware of their commuting options while discouraging solo driving. TMD staff can show employers how they can offer these benefits at little or no cost, providing assistance to their employees while at the same time helping their bottom line and the community.

The North Bethesda TMD office will help you create a Transportation Benefits Program for your worksite. Please contact the TMD staff for more information: