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‘Pool Rewards

‘Pool Rewards is a commuter incentive program available through Commuter Connections designed to encourage commuters driving alone to and from work to start ridesharing in the Washington Metropolitan region.

If eligible you can earn $2 per day ($1 each way) for each day you carpool to work over a consecutive 90-day period as assigned by Commuter Connections. The maximum incentive for the 90-day trial period is $130 in exchange for going online and logging information about your new commute and for completing surveys about the experience.

If you drive alone to work and get a minimum total of seven people together (including yourself) who wish to start or join a new vanpool, you may qualify for a $200 monthly ‘Pool Rewards subsidy for your vanpool. Vans are available to accommodate between 7 and 15 total occupants (including the driver).

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