Carpooling & Vanpooling


Use the Ridematch Application to find a carpool.

Cut your commute costs by 50%!! Carpooling is an easy, flexible alternative to driving alone. Just 2 people make a carpool.
We can match you with other commuters who live and work near you and have similar hours. This service is FREE!

The answer is simple: Save Time – Save Money – Save your Sanity – Save the Earth!

Carpooling Advantages

Some of the overall advantages of carpooling include the following:

  • Less stress commuting to and from work
  • Financial savings due to sharing commuting costs. (Calculate your savings)
  • Reduces need for parking
  • Increases free time for riders
  • If an HOV lane is available, trips may take less time
  • Reduces pollution due to auto emissions

The Commitment: NONE – Carpooling does not demand a long term commitment. Give it a try and see if it works for you.

Every person who carpools has had the same reservations and questions you do.

SIGN UP! Use our online Carpool Application or contact us at 301-770-8108 or


For commuters who want both the convenience of a private vehicle and the cost savings of public transit, VANPOOLS are the commuting choice!

Vanpooling offers a comfortable, reasonably priced and convenient way to work for groups of seven to 15 people who share similar commute patterns. We can help you find vanpool members that live and work near you! A commuter van is driven by one of the members of the group. Riders are picked up at an agreed upon location (s). Expenses are shared….IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

Enterprise Rideshare

Commuter Connections Vanpool Directory

You don’t have to own a van to start a vanpool. Enterprise Rideshare is a professional vanpool leasing company. They offer all the amenities needed for a successful vanpool. One flat fee is paid and includes insurance, 24 hour roadside assistance and regular maintenance.


  1. Cuts your commuting costs substantially
  2. Time: you can use HOV lanes, greatly reducing the time it takes to drive to work
  3. Save wear and tear on your car
  4. Your family may not need two cars anymore-a rather dramatic savings!
  5. Regularity: with a set schedule; you will always arrive to work on time-and you get to leave on time!
  6. Lower insurance premiums are possible for people who vanpool…call your insurance company and ask!
  7. Guaranteed Ride Home Program

SUBSIDIES are available to start vanpools, or to keep existing vanpools on the road.

Frederick County Vanpool Subsidy

Prince George’s County Vanpool Subsidy

Virginia Van Start and Van Save

Commuter Connections also offers incentives for carpooling and vanpooling through their ‘Pool Rewards program!

What is the initial commitment?

Drivers and passengers are only obligated for a month at a time. It’s easy to try it out and see how it works.

How to get started? Call the NORTH BETHESDA TRANSPORTATION CENTER at 301-770-8108.